February 12, 2018

With my Mom facing life on crutches for 2 months for a broken knee, and me being 200 miles away, I knew she needed something to contain everyday items without loading her back down with a backpack and taking it on and off repeatedly. With this, she could carry her cordless phone when she had to move around while on it, put her pills in it so she wouldn't have to run back and forth, and most of all, carry snacks in the pouch to keep from going to the kitchen repeatedly. She LOVED this.

~S Chapman


February 10, 2018

Super helpful, super convenient, and most importantly super durable! If you are going to be a crutches for any length of time you need this!



January 20, 2018

This was the handiest thing when I was on crutched! I used it as my wallet as there were card slots and I could put a water bottle on the outside and my phone and other small items on the inside. HIGHLY recommend.



January 16, 2018

Absolutely wonderful! Now I can carry my phone when I have no pocket. Also can get myself hot drinks with my lidded cup that fits in the pocket!

~Eleanor S


January 13, 2018

I accidentally added a review that was for another product. I love this product.

~Lynn M 


January 3, 2018

I have been using crutches for almost three months. This product makes life so much easier. It is big enough to hold my wallet, keys,phone, planner and a bottle of water. It does not interfere with the use of the crutches at all. I cannot imagine trying to work without it. I work in a doctor's office and have recommended this to several of our patients.

~Amazon Customer 


November 9, 2017

my orthopedic doctor asked where I found this , he really liked the idea. and I love the size and fit for my needs. well satisfied with this purchase

~Pauline H


 November 8, 2017

They were the right height. I am having trouble getting used to them being so light. I am afraid I am going to toss them by accident. Being light and all the padding is really helping my hands and my shoulders. Thank you.

~Amazon Customer


October 29, 2017

So convenient and lot of space including credit card holder.

~M Casey


October 27, 2017

Don't know how I managed with the Krutch Kaddy. I was using crutches for 2 weeks before this purchase and it was so difficult to manage / carry the things I needed.
Now it is so simple and safe. It is large enough to hold my iPhone, glasses, keys and lipstick.
It looks great and it is so useful.

~Amazon Customer 


October 18, 2017

I just got my Krutch Kaddy in the mail and I'm absolutely thrilled with it. I could hardly wait to empty my old cheaper one from another company and put this one on and put all my stuff I carry in it! It went on easily and has a place for all I need when I don't want to take a purse. I'm an amputee and permanently on crutches so this convenience is very important to me! Now to wait until you produce it in colors (purple!) and patterns;) !!!

~Amazon Customer


September 12, 2017

Fits well on crutch. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the white logo is not displayed across the top flap...it is much less conspicuous on a tag on the side. Had hoped it would hold a book, but would only hold a very small paperback. Good quality and easy attachment, stays in place well, and you can position it a little lower to leave good room for your hands on the crutches.

~Thankful Mom


September 2, 2017

Works great on walker also.



August 30, 2017

Serves its purpose



August 27, 2017

This is my 3rd purchase. One for me that was used to near death after multiple knee surgeries. Two were purchased as gifts because they are simply wonderful.

The zipper feature is a must; things don't fall out. It holds a large smartphone, keys, water bottle and money/cards. It made life easier and that says a lot.

~Erin H


June 26, 2017

Perfect! It works as advertised.



June 19, 2017

Much better quality than expected. Bought for daughter....living in another state. She is soooooooooo happy to have it.
Is making life much easier for her these next 6 weeks.. THANK YOU

~Diane A


June 15, 2017

Very good item , dose the job excellent idea

~Pamela T


June 6, 2017

this is great for someone who needs to use crutches and I have been on crutches for 2 years you can't beat it it was it's really I would buy it again. I would tell everybody to buy it



May 5, 2017

Just what I thought it would be. Even the wife likes it.

~Amazon Customer


April 21, 2017

Works great. Adds a bit of storage for a person who is unable to carry items while they are using crutches.

~Kerry O


March 12, 2017

Very good quality product. I have used this around the house so far and it works well for water bottles, phones, etc. It is a deep pocket. I even put my travel coffee mug in it to move from the kitchen to the family room. My only complaint is that it can slip down onto the skinny part of the crutch if you have a big water bottle that is completely full. I typically use the Velcro straps and attach them the the horizontal hand bar and that helps for that.

~Happy Customer


February 13, 2017

Its a little too chunky for me but worked well

~June F


February 4, 2017

Happy with product

~Amazon Customer


February 4, 2017

I broke my foot and had to be off my foot for 6 weeks. The Krutch Kaddy has made life on crutches so much easier. I can fit my wallet, phone, keys and either a water bottle in the pouch. I have only had it slip down a couple times when I overloaded it. It has slots inside for credit cards it you want to use it as a wallet. Life on crutches would have been much more difficult without this.

~Amazon Customer


January 31, 2017

Great product. Love it.

~David W


January 20, 2017

It's such a simple thing, yet so wonderful!!!! It helped me so much when I was on crutches. It just makes life easier.



January 8, 2017

A must if you need to used crutches for any length of time. I used mostly to carry a drink from place to place.

~Michael W


December 10, 2016

Convenient with plenty of storage. Overall, I would recommend. It made the transition from carrying a purse to using the caddy easy.

~Timothy B


November 12, 2016

Love this pouch. Has handy cardholders and different inside pockets which help with organizing. Large enough for a full sized ladies wallet and my sunglass case. Fits my wheelchair arm rest and my crutches. Easy to attach. Would recommend this product for sure.

~Amazon Customer


October 29, 2016

Really handy thing to have

~Amazon Customer


October 18, 2016

This is a good product for use with crutches. It is very hard to carry anything when walking with crutches and the krutch kaddy helps. Lots of room for your wallet, keys, phone etc. Keep in mind the more you put in the kaddy the heavier it is and this can impact walking with crutches.

~Silver n Stone


October 4, 2016

Such a lifesaver! This bag is the perfect addition to a crutch to hold a water bottle, cell phone, slots for credit, ID cards and even a clip for your keys inside. This has made my many weeks on crutches so much more convenient.



September 20, 2016

Nice size. Has small compartments inside. Holds travel mug and cell phone. Does slide down the crutch once in a while but wrapped velcro stars around poles

~Amazon Customer


August 31, 2016

I have a cane crutch type and a caddy carry bag has been a tremendous help I can carry anything I need to have with me medicine etc. and I can also carry a drink up front if I want. It was a little difficult to get on but once I got it on it has worked fantastic sense. If I ever need to I will definitely buy another. This item is very well-made



August 29, 2016

This product is a game changer for forearm crutch users. Can't believe I went $20 years without it. The only "issue" I'd say is if you use it a lot (which you will) the Velcro wears our in about 8 months time. But that can be remedied with just sewing it on or replacing the Velcro.

Also I recommend pads to cover the forearm because of the Velcro straps, I used these:


SUPER comfortable.

~K Heytha


August 19, 2016

Great! It is great for me to use.

~ Kristen C


August 18, 2016

If your about 5'4 with forearm crutches, it doesn't fit like it should, you have to put to the side a Lil, it's for taller people



August 3, 2016

Saved me SO much aggravation while hopping around with a broken ankle... must have for someone on crutches.



July 11, 2016

This was very handy for me following surgery on my hip. I had to wear a big brace that cut off pocket access, so car keys cell phone, and wallet were all stored in this. Started to lose elasticity by third week. Wish Velcro had been a little bit stronger to hold in place.



July 1, 2016

did not like the name printed on the product

~Gerald S 


June 10, 2016

Handy in that I can carry my wallet, cell phone, car keys without a problem. Good weight material and well constructed. I don't find much use for the inside compartments mostly because the dark interior and my vision issues makes it hard to see what's there. It took a while to get the upper cuff straps to stay closed but once the fabric sort of molded into the right position, I haven't had any problems. It was only a couple of days so really no big deal, but give it a couple of days before you decide it's not going to work. Zipper is very heavy duty and therefore a little stiff to move but not overwhelmingly so. And because I know different crutch users have different equipment, I'd like to note that I use forearm crutches.

~Kate M


June 8, 2016

Great for a cup holder and carrier

 ~Richard W


June 2, 2016

Fits on the crutch even though I bought the Ergobaum crutches, good size for mail and coffee mug

~Christina S


May 22, 2016

I bought this for my mother when she broke bones in her foot. She raves about it and wishes she had it from the start of her injury. It has made daunting tasks much easier. Highly recommended!

~Angie J


May 21, 2016

Broke my leg on Mother's Day and now have to use god awful crutches til I am healed. This provides a third hand while moving about and is very handed just to keep the necessities close by.



May 2, 2016

Cool to have stuff handy. Digging in your pockets can be troublesome with crutches.

~Jerry R


April 21, 2016

Awesome! Kind of pricey, but it holds my phone, money clip, and meds while I'm on crutches. Hopefully, I won't ever need them in the future, but if i do I'll use them again.

~Last Hero


April 15, 2016

If I could give this thing 10 stars I would. If you're reading this and you're on crutches, do yourself a favour and get this item. Get two, one for each side if you can. If you're a friend/family member who knows someone who's using crutches, get this and that someone will love you forever. When I broke my leg this was helpful beyond words - you don't quite realize how little you can carry around until you start using crutches. This let me carry around my phone, wallet, meds, a book, my external battery charger, keys, etc. It definitely improved my quality of life during that time and I'm grateful that I found this when I was on crutches. Extremely good value for the cost.

~A W


March 24, 2016

Great product, saved the day for my niece!

~L K P


January 27, 2016

I use my crutches (unfortunately) 3-4 months out of every year for surgery recoveries for past 4+ years. Wish I had known about this product from the beginning!! It's irreplaceable to me now! Everyone at hospital, surgeon's office, clinic asks where I got it. YOU should be advertising this product in every orthopaedic office in the nation and anywhere crutches are sold. Securely holds credit cards, ID, keys, small personal items + a water bottle or drink and cell phone- I've even packed fruit, protein bars and a sandwich in it! Does not get in the way, either- a perfect size. I'd give this product a 10 if there was an option for it!



January 7, 2016

Love it! Has places to organize cards/IDs, cell phone, keys, and is so handy. Really great tool for anyone on crutches---Would highly recommend this product

~S Wassel


November 13, 2015

This little pouch is a lifesaver! It is room, yet lightweight and has compartments for cash/credit cards/license, etc., eliminating the need to carry a wallet or purse. It has a small lanyard with a hook to keep keys handy, and a mesh pouch on the outside that can keep items like a phone readily accessible. The mesh pouch has an elastic drawstring that will tighten the pouch so items won't fall out, but open wide enough to hold a water bottle or travel mug. I looked at others that were cheaper, but decided on the Krutch Kaddy, because I liked the fact the top zipped shut adding a little security to items inside. First rate product from a first rate company. I highly recommend both.



October 15, 2015

The Krutch Kaddy is fantastic. I am on crutches for several weeks due to knee surgery and the Krutch Kaddy is amazing. It holds my credit cards, bottle water, my other essentials plus my pain meds. This is fantastic!

~D. Moore


October 11, 2015

Love this product!

~Felicia C.


October 6, 2015

Excellent product, and I got it delivered the same day...when you are on crutches, every minute counts! I keep my phone in the mesh front pocket, and the larger pouch area is large enough to accommodate a water bottle, or other smallish item.

~Mia J


September 29, 2015

Has been so useful!! Well made.



September 23, 2015

This is my second time purchasing this product. I have a set of forearm crutches that I keep at home and a second set I keep in my car for use at work and when I'm out and about. I am never without them. I found myself missing the Krutch Kaddy on my home crutches when I was at work, so I finally bought a second one. I couldn't be more pleased! It has a secure zipper to prevent items from falling out when I inevitably drop my crutches on the floor. It also has a hook for my keys and several spots for keeping money and credit or ID cards. In addition, it has a place to put a beverage or other item. Since I use both crutches most of the time, I don't have a free hand available to carry things. Therefore, this is a MUST-HAVE item for people like me.

~Kindle Customer


September 23, 2015

This allowed me to carry my wallet, glasses, iPhone, lip gloss & medication while on crutches & not bearing any weight in broken foot.

~Amazon Customer


September 11, 2015

Firstly. I have not used these on my elbow crutches as they are on their way here from BC. I can say that the nylon that the bag is made of is very heavy duty. The zip is well made and easy to use with one hand. There is enough room in the main pouch for a wallet an iPhone 6+ and a change purse for sure. The elastic that goes across the crutch is also high quality. I'm going to give this baby a go on Wednesday and I'll update my review. So far so great.

~Pepe L


September 6, 2015

Being on crutches for over 4 months has not been fun, but this bag helped me regain independence in carrying my cell phone, money, chapstick, keys, etc. without the need for pockets or a backpack. I love the organization inside the bag and the ability to zip it closed so my belongings don't fall out when I place the crutches on the floor. It is quite spacious inside and the mesh on the outside is handy for carrying a water bottle or quick access to belongings. I am using MobiLegs crutches and it was very challenging to find a bag that would work with this style of crutches (single post versus standard 2). The bag required some slight modifications but has worked well for me even with the alternative style crutches.

Suggested modification to use with MobiLegs:
Bring leg of crutch down throughout elastic backing placing Krutch Kaddy below the hand grip. To provide clearance for hands, keep original straps cinched down pretty close to the bag looping a second strap inside them and around handle between ridge of cushion and aluminum frame (this is what I did as I had no extra velcro in the house-additional velcro to extend the original strap would also probably work very well) allowing the bag to sit approximately 3 inches below the handle. The last problem to solve is the massive side to side sliding of the bag on the crutch (due to single post width versus width of standard 2 posts with handle between). To rectify this, I used of 2 safety pins (on at the top, one at the bottom) to decrease width of elastic band. It still slides when placing the crutches on their side but easily resumes correct position when crutches are brought upright and it stays in place while walking.

I don't usually write reviews but I found this bag to be extremely helpful and hope that it can help somebody else in a similar situation. Wishing anyone visiting this page a speedy recovery!!



August 29, 2015

After a knee injury I was told I was going to be on crutches for 6 weeks. I bought one of these and another kind of bag right away since I had to be self-sufficient during the day, and needed something to carry stuff around the house. Until I got this was carrying around a large canvas tote bag that had a side pocket for my cup, but it was bulky and I was bumping walls all the time all the time. I usually use a Tervis 24oz insulated cup through the day, and much to my joy, it fit perfectly in this. I store a "chico bag" Reusable Shopping Tote / Grocery Bag by ChicoBag - 4 Pack - Blue in the outer mesh pocket if I need to carry bigger stuff.

I have a wonky back, so a backpack of any size is out of the question. Since I got the crutches I had been carrying my small purse cross-body when I left the house. I just bought a second Krutch Kaddy to use as a purse for the duration. It has slots and pockets for all kinds of things. I can carry my phone (and it's a big one - a Note 4), epi-pen, a coin purse type bag I keep little stuff in, credit cards (there are card slots), a checkbook, cash in the deep pocket, a small hairbrush, a bit of makeup, a pen in the provided slot, and a few other little bits and bobs in the main compartment. There is also a key clip in there that I keep my keys on so they don't fall to the bottom of the bag. My sunglasses and some handwipes fit in the outer mesh pocket.

These things are great!

~Elizabeth V.


August 23, 2015

Such a great accessory when you don't have free hands



August 21, 2015

If you use crutches, you need one of these. It is a good size, so you can carry a few small things, plus a water bottle or even a travel coffee cup (assuming you can close the top so your coffee doesn't slosh out while you're crutching). This has made it much easier for me to get small things from room to room without having to ask for help, and without having to wear a backpack.



August 15, 2015

This thing is awesome! Used it on Mobilegs crutches which I wasn't sure would work but I got it to stay and it was really convenient!!! Great product!

~Katherine T.


July 28, 2015

Nice but wish the velcro wouldn't get lose

~Lorraine D.


June 30, 2015

Hip replacement surgery 15 days ago. It was a pain having my wife carry my smokes, phone, and wallet every time we left the house. This is perfect! It is the most expensive one out there, but I wanted something big. Lots of pockets that I won't use, but perfect for what I wanted.

My only complaint is this. I am 5'10, and my hand supports are set at 3 from the bottom setting on standard crutches.The bag is meant to stay tight by itself around the crutches. If I had my hand supports set all the way up, this would have worked. Being set where they are, only 1/2 of the bag is supported firmly. Fortunately they come with Velcro straps that go over the supports. This seems to be holding up just fine.

If you are tired of having people carry your keys, phone, wallet for you... Buy this! Highly recommend... Wish I would have ordered sooner!!!



May 18, 2015

I don't know what I would have done without this.

~Debra T.


April 9, 2015

The tote is perfect for my crutches.

~Ellen L


April 2, 2015

This saved me from hauling a purse around on crutches. Very nice. Could hold a cell phone securely, credit cards, etc.

~Elbe 0306


March 25, 2015

As advertised. High quality, fits onto large-sized crutch. I got this for my son, and I only wish I had something like this when I was on crutches! Something as simply as getting a drink from the kitchen can be a frustrating ordeal.

~Tara E


March 13, 2015

The Krutch Kaddy pack is quite well sewn/built. Zippers are sturdy and the overall quality of product is high . The pack is on the smaller side by design to fit the book of the crutch.

I had to return this item because my brother got a cane and not crutches.

What blew me away was follow up provided by the manufacturer. When notified of my return, a representative contacted me directed via email and asked for ways to improve and for any feedback. Her response time was within a couple of hours. No scripted answers, just a very cool discussion about the product and why it's built like a tank.

I feel that customer service is a very good indicator of a company's product. Although this was returned because I didn't need it, I would not think twice about buying it again if I needed to.
Hope this helps...



February 28, 2015

I wrote a dissatisfied review and within an hour a representative of the Krutch Kaddy company sent me an email. By the time this happened Ihad found two more issues that I wasn't thrilled with. This kind lady investigated my claims and found them to be valid. I was so happy to find her so responsive to my needs and feedback. In the long run, she replaced the Krutch Kaddy with a new one because as I trimmed away the loose material that was catching the zipper, I got too close to the seam and made a small hole on both sides at the turn where the seam was much closer to the fabric. She completely addressed my disappointment in the Kaddy.... There was one problem that was a manufacturing defect. The third "card slot" where you put your credit cards etc, is too deep...dont use it for credit card sized objects....a flyer or maybe a list of your medicines and diagnoses could fit in there very nicely.

I assume that the Krutch people will be fixing that problem soon. They were very grateful for my assessments of the Kaddy and made good on it wth me...Their customer service gets a 5 star and the product a three star review..over all, a 4.



February 21, 2015

Works pretty well, doesn't stay up good with anything heavy like a water bottle and the strap has to be twisted to velco back on itself. Still if you are on crutches and need to carry something a pocket of some kind is vital. I like the zipper pocket and some of the stuff inside, kind of setup like a wallet or purse.

~Amazon Customer


February 16, 2015

My husband used this since he could not wear jeans over his cast but still needed to carry his wallet and cell phone. It also gave him a place to carry the Snow Boots we purchased for his crutches so he would have them handy all the time.



February 12, 2015

The Krutch Kaddy has allowed me to buy my Wawa coffee without having someone assist me in carrying the cup to milk&sugar counter, and then carrying it to the register.
I purchased a Wawa chrome coffee refill cup (handle-less), and I'm able to put it in the krutch kaddy, and safely carry it back to my car.

I use it for many other things, but it was worth it just for above freedom alone.

I would give it 5 stars, if it wasn't so difficult to place on the crutch without it getting in the way of the grip handle.
Fortunately, I purchased this with another caddy, and I used part of the other caddy to help perfectly position this caddy.

The manufacture should include shoe lace size string and additional Velcro straps to help position the caddy further away from the grip handle.



February 11, 2015

I love the idea of this, it would be ever so helpful. I have not returned mine I want to try to figure out a way to actually use it but unless your crutch is plain Jane straight crutch/cane in my case fore arm crutches it is not made for them. Made for straight bars and that's it.



January 17, 2015

great product! very well made, fits a sandwich nicely! I broke my ankle on 1/8/15 and cant put weight on it, needless to say it's almost impossible to carry anything with crutches. This is a wonderful product! just wish it was a little bigger to hold more....

~Kerolyn G


December 12, 2014

After being on crutches for several weeks and fighting a bag or purse with two small kids, I was looking for something to carry the basics. This bag is AWESOME. I was able to carry a few essential cards from my wallet, cell phone, work pager, keys, 2 diapers and a package of wipes and still zip it closed. The outsize pocked holds a large fountain drink cup securely. You can put a Nalgene bottle in the main compartment and still fit keys and cell phone and work pager. Even with a full Nalgene it never slipped from it's position. The picture they show doesn't make it look like there is enough room for your hand on the crutch handle, but there is. Well worth the money.



November 13, 2014

Do not know how i got along without this item. It is just big enough to hold my iPad Mini. Plus i can put my water bottle in it for transport. This is a life saver as I am stuck using crutches for the next few months.

~Denise S, PA 


November 10, 2014

Being on crutches sucks. There's no way around it. It's especially difficult when are a very independent person and you go to having to ask someone to carry a glass of water for you. The Krutch Kaddy has been one of the bright spots in my 4 week crutch life. Not only has it freed me of having to use a back pack to just carry money, credit cards, keys, phone and sun glasses, if you put a lid on something, you can carry a drink with you!!! I didn't give it 5 stars only because the fabric on highest part is a bit stiff and you have to really pay attention to not rub your fingers on it.

And you wouldn't believe the number of compliments from people! It's strange to say that, but people love it and I believe I've had a few more people hold doors for me because it caught their eye. If I had my crutches longer, I would bedazzle it.

~Brandy C, CA


November 8, 2014

Very Satisfied

I'm getting over Guillian Barré syndrome and with having RSD I have no clue how long I'm going to have to be using crutches again. I got it right away when I saw the recommended products to go with forearm crutches.



September 3, 2014

This has been a lifesaver since I've been on crutches. The perfect size to carry the essentials.

~ Renee B, CA


August 13, 2014

Though this product is pricey for what it is, it has been invaluable especially for returning to work while still having to use crutches. If you budget allows - buy it!

~ Anonymous


August 11, 2014

This product is invaluable if you have to be on crutches.

~Anita, WI


July 14, 2014

Finally found something that works with my loftstrand crutches. Thanks! I had a seamstress reverse the Velcro strip. Works much better.

~Darla, NJ


July 9, 2014

This is fantastic! I didn't discover this until my 12th week on crutches and wish I had long before. There are cheaper versions out there, don't get them. This one has a lot of space for everything and it is extremely well made. In fact I took it to my orthopedist and he even wrote down the name so he could tell other patients about it. Trust me this is a big big help when you have no free hands!

~Gretchen G, LA


July 4, 2014

I've only had this for a day & 1/2, & even with the price being expensive for it, I'm still giving it 5 stars.

It has a nice drink holder pouch!! Easy adjustable strap that fits various sizes. It will comfortably and firmly hold a Tervis style glass either 16 or 24 oz size, coffee tumbler, 20oz drink bottle or a 12oz can. Huge deal while on crutches!!

Zipper pouch, which is deep enough to keep stuff without worry of it falling out even if not zipped. Can easily keep a mans wallet, a medicine bottle or two, a phone, and/or some other various items. If the zipper pouch is full, it is a bit more trouble to slide a drink in also, but is doable.

Nice looking with embroidered logo and thick, solid heavy duty feel canvas material. It is as good a size & weight as you can hope for without adding bulk or weight to your crutches.

I particularly like how it attaches by sliding up on the crutch so that you can leave ample hand grip space on your crutch without much interference. It is a nice snug fit, & if the elastic backing doesn't stretch out, you do not even need the velcro straps to hold the Kaddy in place. The zipper & the attachment were both big reasons i picked this bag, and luckily both are as good as I hoped.

I am 5-11 using standard aluminum style crutches for reference. For someone under about 5-7 or 5-8, I can see where this & several other pouches I looked at may not attach or function as well, but my crutches do not adjust that short for me to check. (read others feedback with this con on similar items)
For bigger items, ie a tablet or ipad, or bulky items, do not expect many of the pouches I've seen to work. I recommend a small backpack or something similar for such items.

If you are going to be on crutches for ANY! amount of time at all, do not wait, go ahead & plan on getting the above items.

Once my order was placed & very quickly shipped, received an email from company with thanks, order number, tracking number, and a phone number to call for any assistance at all, which I like also & consider a nice touch.

It is over-priced for what it actually is, but it is a specialty item (& a very good one) & all such things are overpriced now. If someone had to use the velcro straps, I would like to see them a couple inches longer to wrap on hand grips & still leave ample room for no interference (these do but barely).

The Crutcheze pouch would be my 2nd choice of one of these (price considered also), but I am very happy and recommend this Kaddy for at least one crutch if you are not getting something for each crutch. Ortho practices should carry these ( & walker accessories) & I intend to suggest such to mine.

Hope this helps someone!! Crutches & walkers are no fun.

UPDATE- I have had this for a month now and still extremely happy I got it. The zipper pouch is nice to have on certain occasions for security, although most times I leave it unzipped. Even unzipped it keeps things well inside of it with just the top closed over so to speak. It has helped a bunch carrying a few small things and priceless for carrying a drink. I still have at least 2-3 months on crutches and this Kaddy is great.

I have a set of crutches that are for 5-10" to 6-6" which I originally tried this on. On that set, there was very little need to even use the velcro straps as it stayed put so well via just the stretch fit backing (mentioned before).


I also now have a standard aluminum set of crutches for 5-2" to 5-10". I'm using these right now with a double set of tops for added softness. The Kaddy fits well enough on these also but adding some info. The shorter set doesn't have the same amount of A-frame before slenderizing to walking poles. Leaving ample hand room at handles, the stretch backing is really only fully stretched for grip on about the top third of the kaddy. This surprisingly is enough to keep the Kaddy in place and hold stuff, however, I did use the velcro straps this time for added security, as I always seem to have a large tumbler glass of something in it. The straps are long enough, but barely, and as I mentioned in the original review they could stand to be a couple inches longer. However, with that said, the Kaddy stays packed most times and has not slipped down the crutch even once.

I still highly recommend and the drink holder on this crutch bag beats the other three I have now tested on the other crutch by a long ways. Buy at least one of these for one crutch.

~ Carl D, NC


May 15, 2014

Works excellent to carry all the little things you need with you all of the time! Helped me out tremendously!

~Annette R., RI


April 25, 2014

This made life on crutches so much easier. I was able to carry my coffee in a travel mug using the deep pockets on this thing. I also routinely carried scissors, individually packaged wet-naps, tissues and my phone. I was reluctant to spend the money on something I was only going to need for a few weeks, but so glad I did!

~ Anonymous


March 16, 2014

I like the idea, but where it attaches to my crutches as shown in this pic, well then it's in the way of my hand (fingers) to grab the hand grip on the crutch. I'll keep working with it, but not but one way really to attach it.

~M. D., TX


February 16, 2014

This is a tight fit onto the crutch, but that means the bag isn't going anywhere I don't want it to go! So that's great! It's roomy, will hold my water bottle and other little items I will need to have with me so I don't have to wear a silly purse. LOVE this crutch accessory!



February 8, 2014

This is an absolute must have for any time on crutches. Great purse or wallet substitute and does not imposed movement.

~Sandy H, IL


January 4, 2014

It was the perfect size to carry my keys and wallet and water bottle, when you have to use both hands on crutches this really came in handy, great idea!

~Tiffany, GA


December 31, 2013

I was on crutches for over 2 months and thought I would be walking by now. I have at least 2 to 3 months more on crutch and it is so difficult getting around because you can't carry anything safely. This is a great product. Front mesh pouch is very durable - even carried my dunkin donuts coffee securely. Pouch stays put and does not move. Great product. Most pouches for crutches do not have a zipper on top it is wide open, zipper is a great feature. I have adjusted the handle on my crutches which means adjusting the kaddy and it still does not slip or move. Love this product, worth the money.

~Kim, MI


December 24, 2013

I love that it works with forearm crutches. It's the only one I've found that does. I would give it 5 stars, but the Velcro does get a little loose from time to time from the swinging of the pouch. I'm sure a couple well placed stitches could fix this. I just haven't got around to it. Other than that, it's great for carrying the little extras.

~Sandra, OH


December 7, 2013

The Krutch Kaddy can be very useful and convenient while on crutches. It does allow for you to carry your most compact and necessary items. I can fit my wallet, iPhone, and glasses without a problem. However, if you expect to put much more in it you won't be able to do so. So far, it has been helpful!

~Lucia, CA


December 04, 2013

This handy little thing has become my "Man bag"! I use it to hold my wallet, keys, and other medications. It's like having a extra big pants pocket. I eat out a lot at fast food restaurants for lunch and before I got this I couldn't order a fountain drink because it was impossible to carry while using crutches. The outer net pouch is perfect for holding a fountain drink even large ones. If you use crutches this Krutch Kaddy is a must have!

~ Jerry, NC


December 02, 2013

I used it 2 weeks now and it is great. It slips over the crutch and the elastic keeps it in place. I packed it full and it has not slipped at all. Because of the placement, if your hand grips are below the 3rd hole, this item might not work for you (might be too low since the crutch tapers). My hand grip is on the 2nd hole from the top so it works good for me. I like this model more than the other one I saw online because this one zips close. When I toss my crutches in the backseat of my car or it falls over, nothing spills out. I am so happy I got it.

 ~Lily, CA


November 06, 2013

I have been non-weight bearing for 6 weeks and I've used this for 4 of those weeks. I can carry sunglasses, a water bottle, pen, all of my wallet contents and my cellphone. I've been able to run necessary errands without having to carry my purse or a back pack. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that the velcro straps that wrap around the crutch grip aren't really long enough. I had to use some Velcro we had around the house to extend those straps and allow for an unimpeded grip on the handle. If they'd add about four inches to each strap then this would be perfect.

~ Jane, TX


September 23, 2013

The first 3 weeks I was on crutches, my daughter had to go everywhere I went so she could carry my purse. This made it possible for me to be partially independent again. She still has to stay pretty close most of the time, but this caddy is a great thing for someone that will be on crutches for any length of time.

~Amanda, TX 


August 28, 2013

My husband is using them currently, and they enhance his recovery experience immensely. Highly recommend, The people at the hospital are always asking him where he got them. Being on crutches would really be awful without them. Get two.

~Carol, UT


 July 19, 2013

This is a great substitute for a purse or pack for anyone on crutches. Well made, very secure. Zips up, outer mesh compartment, inner slots for credit cards, misc., and a snap hook for your keys. I get stopped all the time by strangers on the street asking about it.

~Carol, OR


July 03, 2013

A couple of weeks into my six to nine month rehab stint for a ruptures patella tendon, I was saying, "There must be something that would allow me to carry some essentials while navigating with crutches." Low and behold, there IS. The Krutch Kaddy is a great little product. It's lightweight but sturdily built. I can now carry my Kindle, my Ipod, my Daytimer with credit cards, cash, medical cards, etc. It also has a mesh pocket suitable for carrying a water bottle or even a sealed coffee mug from the kitchen to the location of your choice. Highly recommend.

~Ray, PA 


June 23, 2013

This is a great accessory! If I am taking a quick trip out and about and don't need to take much with me, this is perfect. Has room for my wallet, cellphone, glasses, keys and a water bottle! I recently bought one for the other crutch! This is nice when I don't want to have to wear a backpack. I highly recommend this product!

~ Dorothy, MA


May 14, 2013

Think modern fanny pack meets crutch. I've been on crutches for 6 weeks after hip surgery. I purchased this to gain some autonomy and it made such a difference. I fit my coffee (in a travel mug) or water bottle in the front pouch. I went back to work after 2 weeks so the zippable pouch was great as well. It has slot for my license, credit cards, cash, and cell phone. It has a hook that I attached my badge to. It has a pen holder and room for my keys and small notebook, snacks... you name it, I've carried it in my Krutch Kaddy. I get so many complements and questions about where to get one. I only wish that I had found this sooner.

~Dawn, MA


 May 08, 2013

I recently was in a motorcycle accident and suffered a compound fracture of my tibia and fibula. I had surgery and was issued a set of crutches. One of my first thoughts was it sure would be handy to have some sort of bag attached to my crutch so I could carry small items around with me. The Krutch Kaddy seemed like it was exactly what I was looking for. I received it the next day and I immediately knew it was a quality product. The material it is made of is very robust. They did not cheap out on any area of construction. The elastic holds it very snug on my crutch. You can fit a drink in the outer pocket. I can't say enough good things about it. My wife thought I was crazy when I told her I ordered it but now that she has seen how handy it is for me she is sold as well. Thanks for such a thoughtful product.

~Braxton, WV


May 07, 2013

I need to be non-weight bearing and on crutches for three months; I struggled with a bag with straps and tucking things into my boot for six weeks! This bag is perfect for all of the smaller things I need to have with me, like money, credit cards, small prescription bottles, id's, etc. A bottled water even fits in the mesh attachment on the front of the bag! I will also be using it on an airplane soon and it will be perfect for traveling...no regrets -well worth the money.

~ Susan, ND


April 23, 2013

I have been nursing several surgeries to my foot over the last few months and having this little caddy to help me move items from room to room was just what I needed. It is great to have a place to put your phone and wallet when leaving the house as well since toting a purse around is really annoying on crutches. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because it does not fit my iPad. That may or may not be fair, but these days with tablets being so popular, it might be worth changing the design slightly. Otherwise, this is a must for those who are on crutches!

~Christine, CO


April 13, 2013

I have been on crutches now for one week. My surgeon was impressed with the Krutch Kaddies. I was at church today for several meetings and everyone commented on how great they thought they were. I bought two, one for each crutch. They are working very well.

~Roberta, WI


March 30, 2013

As described and very prompt service. If ever I need this type of supply again I would buy through them

~Kenneth, WI


March 20, 2013

It fit tight to the crutch without invading the handle area. The net bag is nice for carrying a drink, but all of the inside stuff makes no difference to me since I just tuck my wallet in there.

~Sue, MI


March 20, 2013

I recently had arthroscopic hip surgery. The protocol after is non-weight bearing for the first 3 weeks. As someone who lives alone, I had a very difficult time getting around. The Krutch Kaddy came in very handy. I didn't have to carry a purse or get up a million times for things I forgot. I was even able to carry drinks for myself. It is such a simple idea, but it enabled me to be self sufficient, at least with the little things. I would recommend this product to anyone who has to use crutches. While out and about, many people asked me about it. I have a feeling that I'm not the only one who will be recommending this to friends.

~ Julia, MO 


March 12, 2013

Fast delivery and exceptional quality.

~Donna, OK


February 28, 2013

This item is exactly what I expected. It fits all of my essentials (wallet items,phone, medications, water bottle, and more). Though it would not have changed my purchasing decision, you may want to know that it is not designed to fit the iPad. Still deserves an excellent rating.

~Christine, CO


February 19, 2013

Really good pouch for my crutches. Definitely can hold a lot of things. Doesn't hold fast food drinks that well (plastic lids), but if it's like a tumbler or something it works great! Also the securing mechanism works great on my crutches and feels very secure.

~ Bryson, CA


February 18, 2013

This crutch bag is awesome! Sure helped my daughter! Shipping was speedy too!

~ Tyler, MN


February 18, 2013

Great product. Great service

~Don, TX


February 16, 2013

More cubic inches, so the Krutch Kaddy can hold more as compared to other similar items sold on  Amazon...very convenient to be able to load it up with bike gloves (necessary for hand protection on longer excursions) and other necessities -- and still have the outer web "basket" for a water bottle or leak-proof coffee cup. Best of all, it is  and mounted nicely on my In-Motion Pro (single post) crutches: just feed the  crutch through the elastic backstrap then use one of the velcro straps to secure against the rear of the handle, the other strap on the handleknob



February 14, 2013

Great product, prompt delivery

~ Maria, WI 


December 20, 2012

Quick shipment, GREAT product! Love it!

 ~Elizabeth, VA


November 19, 2012

Super seller, kaddy fits single pole crutch, highly recommend!!!

~Dennis, NC


May 26, 2012

Great prompt response with product!

~ Liz, MA 


April 29, 2012

Nice to be able to carry some things while on crutches. Especially the outer pocket that easily fits drinks. It would be nice to have a more stable attachment that just velcro but as noted below it can be reinforced. 

Very handy.

 ~Shelly, ID