Why Should You Choose the Krutch Kaddy® for your crutch bag?

The unique combination of ease of use, secure closure, and versatility, makes the Krutch Kaddy unlike any crutch bag / crutch accessory found in the marketplace today.

          ·         Zip Closure – Keep items safe and secure

          ·         Internal Holders - Keeps essential items securely in place

          ·         Versatile Design - Can be used with Standard Underarm and Forearm crutches

          ·         External Pocket - Holds a 16 oz plastic bottle

          ·         Durable Construction – Made of weather resistant material

          ·         Easy Installation - Standard crutches and/or forearm crutches

Convenient and Easy to Use

The Krutch Kaddy crutch bag attaches quickly and easily to standard underarm and/or forearm crutches.  The external net pocket can hold keys, a phone or water bottle for quick and easy access. To help keep your items dry on rainy days the Krutch Kaddy is constructed of a lightweight weather resistant material. At 9” x 6” x 3”, the crutch bag is small enough not to hinder movement or gait, yet it provides ample space for essential personal items. Positioned comfortably near the handgrips, the Krutch Kaddy keeps your personal items conveniently located and readily accessible.

Safe and Secure

One of the only crutch bags to offer a zip closure, the Krutch Kaddy keeps items safe and secure inside the bag even when crutches fall (and they do fall). The main compartment houses sewn-in individual holders for a variety of personal items keeping them securely in place and easy to find. The Krutch Kaddy was designed with safety in mind. The light weight and small size will not hinder balance or gait. The attachment mechanism will not support an unsafe weight.


The Krutch Kaddy® crutch bag also has two velcro straps that allow it to be used with forearm crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, hospital beds, baby strollers, bicycles, golf carts, shopping cart, and much more (Even as a doggie Back Pack, attached to harness and leash).  It's so much more than just a crutch bag.

The Krutch Kaddy is made of durable denim pack cloth that is easy to care for and weather resistant.

On the exterior of the bag, the mesh pouch is securely sewn into the body of the Krutch Kaddy and has an elastic cord lock to keep items securely in place.

The interior of the bag is beautifully finished and completely lined with a polyester nylon fabric that also houses sewn in holders to keep items secure and easy to find.

Interior seams are now reinforced with a bound seam finish to prevent fraying, stop the zipper from catching on fabric and neaten overall appearance. 

The primary attachment mechanism is sewn into the elastic backing located on the rear of the Krutch Kaddy. Two rubber strips grip the crutch frame holding the bag securely in place.