The Crutch Bag For Both Standard And Forearm Crutches

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The Krutch Kaddy ®

Secure Crutch Bag

Carries Your Personal Items Safely And Securely.

$34.95 ea includes free standard shipping within the USA.

The unique combination of easy accessibility, secure closure, a beverage holder, and stability to prevent movement while in use, makes the Krutch Kaddy unlike any crutch accessory found in the marketplace today. The Krutch Kaddy® crutch bag can be used with standard crutches, forearm crutches, walkers, rollators,wheel chairs and hospital beds.

Being on crutches is challenging, the two hands you would normally use to carry personal items are now otherwise occupied. The Krutch Kaddy offers the perfect solution to this dilemma and is a must have for anyone on crutches.

Standard A-Frame Crutches

The Krutch Kaddy crutch bag slips easily over the bottom of the crutch and slides up to a comfortable position under the hand grip.

Forearm Crutches

The Krutch Kaddy attaches securely to the frame of the crutch between the cuff and the handgrip. There is nothing hanging.

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$34.95 ea includes free standard shipping within the USA.