using the krutch kaddy with standard a frame crutches

Using The Krutch Kaddy With Standard A-Frame Crutches

Unlike other crutch bags, the Krutch Kaddy attaches firmly to the crutch frame. There is nothing hanging from the handgrip, the bag sits securely between the handgrip and the leg. Your Krutch Kaddy comes with two velcro straps, these are not required for use with standard crutches. When you no longer require the use of crutches, the velcro straps will allow you to use your Krutch Kaddy with items such as bicycles, golf carts, shopping carts, baby strollers, etc.

The two rear straps are not needed on standard A-Frame crutches, however, they can be used for added security when carrying heavier items. The straps are primarily for use with forearm crutches or attaching the Krutch Kaddy to items other than crutches.

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