using the krutch kaddy with forearm crutches

Using The Krutch Kaddy With Forearm Crutches

Unlike other crutch bags, the Krutch Kaddy attaches to the frame of the crutch. There is nothing hanging from the handgrip, the bag sits securely on the frame between the cuff and handgrip.

To use the Krutch Kaddy with forearm crutches, first check to make sure your cuff attachment is removable. If it is not, that's OK you can still use the Krutch Kaddy, it will just be a bit trickier to get it into place. Separate instructions will follow below.

If you are unable to easily remove the cuff attachment:


Slide the foot of the crutch down between the elastic and the back of the Kaddy. Slide the bag up the crutch pole. Getting the bag over the hand grip will take some effort. (I needed two people). Stretch the elastic carefully so that can get the bag over the hand grip and onto the pole section between the cuff and the grip. Then loop the straps up oner the cuff and secure at the back of the Kaddy as pictured in steps 6 and 7 above.

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