The Krutch Kaddy ® - Photos

“It is such a simple idea, but it enabled me to be self sufficient, …
I would recommend this product to anyone who has to use crutches."
~ Julia, MO (3/20/13)

The Krutch Kaddy is made of durable denim pack cloth that is easy to care for and weather resistant.

This special version of our Krutch Kaddy is adorned with beautiful Swarovski crystals for a glam look. To order this special version at $39.95, please select "Crystal Adorned Krutch Kaddy" when ordering.

On the exterior of the bag, the mesh pouch is securely sewn into the body of the Krutch Kaddy and has an elastic cord lock to keep items securely in place.

The interior of the bag is beautifully finished and completely lined with a polyester nylon fabric that also houses sewn in holders to keep items secure and easy to find.

The primary attachment mechanism is sewn into the elastic backing located on the rear of the Krutch Kaddy. Two rubber strips grip the crutch frame holding the bag securely in place.

Unlike other forearm accessory bags, the Krutch Kaddy attaches firmly to the crutch. There is nothing hanging from the handgrip; the bag sits securely on the frame between the handgrip and the cuff

We are currently designing a new Krutch Kaddy that will be specifically designed for forearm crutches. Our new design will be much easier to attach and remove. The materials for the straps and elastic backing are also going to change to a softer fabric to prevent skin irritation.
Please note, it can be used with standard cuff style forearm crutches such as Loftstrand, Millenial, SideStix, Guardian, Invacare, and Drive.
The Ergobaum style crutches can accomodate the Krutch Kaddy with some modification.
Unfortunately some brands such as the Smart and Mobilegs crutches have cuff designs that do not accomodate our current design. We are taking these new crutch styles into consideration for our new design.

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