Krutch kaddy crutch bag

The Krutch Kaddy ®

Why Should You Choose Krutch Kaddy® as your crutch accessory?

Being on crutches is challenging, the two hands you would normally use to carry personal items are now otherwise occupied. The Krutch Kaddy® crutch bag offers the perfect solution to this dilemma and is a must have crutch accessory for anyone who will be on crutches for any length of time.

With a unique combination of easy accessibility, secure closure, a beverage holder, and stability to prevent movement while in use, the Krutch Kaddy® is unlike any crutch bag found in the marketplace.

$34.95 ea includes free standard shipping within the USA.

Unique Features

  • Main compartment houses individual holders for essential personal items

  • Special material grips the crutch frame and holds the Krutch Kaddy securely in place

  • Durable construction made of rugged yet lightweight weather resistant materials.

  • Zips for safety and security

  • Exterior elastic and netting holds a 10 oz plastic beverage bottle.

  • Easy installation, simply slide up crutch frame, no need to take anything apart.

(please note: carrying hot or open beverages in the holder is not recommended)

Convenient and Easy to Use

The Krutch Kaddy crutch bag slips easily over the bottom of the crutch and slides up to a comfortable position under the hand grips. You select the position that is most comfortable for you (We recommend having the top of the bag rest 1 1/2 to 2" below the hand grip). Your personal items are safe, secure, and right by your hand for easy access.

Two rubber strips inside the elastic backing firmly grip the crutch frame holding the bag securely in place.

Safe and Secure

The main compartment houses individual holders for a variety of personal items and zips for both safety and security.


The Krutch Kaddy® crutch bag also has two velcro straps that allow it to be used with forearm crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, baby strollers, bicycles, golf carts, shopping cart, and much more.

The Krutch Kaddy® is shown here on both the front and left side of a rollator. The side position allows easy access to and safe keeping of personal items.


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$34.95 ea includes free standard shipping within the USA.