Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Where can I buy a Krutch Kaddy?

A - The Krutch Kaddy is currently available online and can be purchased through secure transaction processing on our web site. We are in the process of developing distributor and affiliate relationships and hope to have the Krutch Kaddy available in retail outfits across the country in the near future.

Now Available at these locations:
- Beacon Prescriptions 25 Collins Rd. Bristol, CT
- Peltons Home Health Care 898 Silas Deane Hwy. Wethersfield, CT
- Amazon
- Ebay

Q - How do I use the velcro straps?
A - We've added some diagrams to demonstrate the proper use of the straps.
Please click here to view details.

Q - The zipper seems to be getting caught in the corners. Is this normal?
A - We've addressed an inssue that was brought to our attention as the result of customer feedback. Please click here to view details.

Q - How long will it take to receive my Krutch Kaddy?
A - Orders received by 4:00 PM Eastern Time Monday through Saturday will ship same day . Orders received on Sunday will ship on Monday Morning. There are several different shipping methods available ranging from overnight delivery to standard delivery (2-5 days).

Q - Can I order large quantities of the Krutch Kaddy?
A - Yes we can accomodate large orders and drop ship orders as well.

Q - Can the Krutch Kaddy be used with wooden crutches?
A - Yes it can be used with wooden crutches. We recommend using the straps for added security as the rubber strips may not grip quite as tightly as they would on aluminumcrutches.

Q - Is the Krutch Kaddy covered by insurance?
A - The Krutch Kaddy is not yet covered by insurance or medicade however we are in the process of trying to get it approved for coverage.

Q - What can I do with the Krutch Kaddy is I no longer need crutches?
A - The Krutch Kaddy can be used on shopping carts, baby carriages, golf carts, bicycles, and so much more. It can basically be used on anything that has a bar you can attach the straps to.

Q- How do I return my purchased product?
A- Returning a product is easy. Simply follow the direction found in ourĀ Return Policy.

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