Care and Use

Care and Use of Your Krutch Kaddy®

Below you will find instructions for the following:


  • Using the Krutch Kaddy With A-Frame Crutches

  • Using the Krutch Kaddy With Forearm Crutches

  • Using the Krutch Kaddy With Walkers, Wheelchairs and Other Items

  • Caring For Your Krutch Kaddy

Using The Krutch Kaddy With A Frame Crutches


1. Slip the foot of the crutch through the elastic backing located on the rear of your new Krutch Kaddy.



2. Grasp the top of both the front and the elastic backing. Slide the Krutch Kaddy up along the crutch frame.

3. As you get closer to the hand grips, stretch out the elastic backing, this will make it easier to slide the Krutch Kaddy into position.

4. Position the Krutch Kaddy where it is most comfortable for you.

NOTE: You do not want it to interfere with the placement of your hand on the grip. We recommend 1-2” below the hand grip.

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